best keypad phone in india

Top 9 Best Keypad Phone Under 2000

Keypad mobile phones are rarely seen in today’s world as most of people shift to smartphones but Keypad mobiles are the father of smartphones. In the past times, Nokia 3310 become a desire for all people in Asia because of its simplicity and best features. In India, there are many peoples who still use feature phones. Nokia and Samsung are the best brands of keypad mobile phones. These brands are a star from the beginning.

best keypad phone under 2000

If you are a user who loves to have a new keypad phone. then you are in the right place. we had made a lot of searches to find the best feature phone for you. A few of the best keypad phones under 2000 are listed below. we made this list according to price, specs, and features, etc.

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Our Top Picks of Best Keypad Phones

In the present world, many people still use keypad phones. These phones are still famous because of their several benefits like easy to use, super cheap, handy, run smoothly, etc. Some of the additional features of the best keypad phones are mentioned below.

  • Privacy – Keypad mobile phones are safe to use. User privacy is the most important thing and keypad phones offer full privacy to its users. The smartphone is not much safer.
  • Occupy Less Space – Keypad mobile phones are best because they are the ideal size and uses less space in the pocket.
  • Long Battery Life – Keypad phones are the best product because their battery is long-lasting. One charge is enough for the whole week.
  • Durability – Keypad mobiles are durable products. their lifetime is higher than a smartphone and is a super cheap product in the market.

Best Keypad Mobile Phone Under 2000

1. Samsung Guru Music 2

Samsung guru music 2 is the top product in the list of best keypad mobile phones because it is very well designed, handy and comes with a QQVGA display. This phone has almost every feature which made it a perfect keypad mobile phone. It has a memory card slot and its memory is expandable up to 16GB.

 samsung guru music keypad phone
  • 2.4-inch QQVGA screen.
  • Dual SIM phone. Removable battery.
  • 800 mAH lithium-ion battery.
  • 0 USB‌ JACK.
  • FM Radio available.
  • No Camera
  • No Music Player
4g keypad phone

2. Reliance JioPhone

Reliance Jio is mostly known for its 4g internet service. It becomes more popular when Jio launched its 4g keypad phone for a very low price. This Jio keypad mobile phone comes with mostly used smartphone features like WhatsApp, Jio apps, video calling, etc.

reliance jio  keypad phone
  • Battery is great.
  • 4G Keypad Phone.
  • Expandable Memory Upto 128GB.
  • 4GB Internal Storage.
  • Video Calling Inbuilt Apps like JioMusic, JioCinema, JioTV, JioMoney Supports voice commands
  • Only Supports Jio Sim Card
  • Old designed Typing pad
best 4g keypad phone

3. Nokia 105 (Dual SIM)

Nokia is one of the most trusted keypads mobile brands in the whole of Asia. This best keypad mobile comes with Slim Design and Dual sim slot. It has an 800 mah removable battery and an S30+ operating system that proves its best keypad phone under 2000.

nokia 105  keypad phone
  • Double Sim.
  • Great Look.
  • QVGA Display.
  • Different from other keypad phones.
best 4g keypad phone in india

4. Samsung Guru 1200

Samsung Guru 1200 keypad phone comes with a 1.5-inch display. It comes with a modern mini-sim port.

samsung guru 1200  keypad phone
  • TFT Screen.
  • Battery 800MAH.
  • Brand Warranty – 1 Year.
  • Sound is Low.
best keypad phone

5. Nokia 150 (Dual SIM, Black)

Nokia 150 keypad phone comes with a 2.4-inch display. this phone has a 0.3-megapixel camera. This phone comes with an LED‌ flash feature.

nokia 150 keypad phone
  • 1020 mAH lithium-ion battery.
  • 0.3-megapixel camera.
  • 16MB RAM.
  • Expandable memory up to 32 GB.
  • Large battery
  • 4G not Supported.
best keypad mobile

6. Micromax X772

Micromax X772 keypad phone comes with a 2.8″-inch display. It has a long-lasting 1700 mah battery life. It has a unique automatic call recording feature which gives a positive point to this phone.

micromax 772  keypad phone
  • Big Display.
  • Big Battery.
  • Dual Sim.
  • No Quick charging.
best keypad mobile phone

7. Karbonn K9 (Black-Red)

Karbonn phones are the best keypad mobile phones. Karbonn K9 is the best keypad phone with a reasonable price and dual sim feature. Karbonn’s phone comes with a 1.3 max pixel camera and a great battery of 1800mAh.

karbonn best  keypad phone
  • Expandable memory 16GB
  • 2.4-inch display
  • One-year brand warranty.
  • Attractive Design.
  • Large battery backup
  • Ear Speaker low sound.
best keypad mobile phone in india

8. Infocus IF9011 HERO Selfie C1 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Infocus is day by day growing smartphone brand in India. They are also exclusive in best keypad mobile phones. Infocus Hero Smart P4 is one of the best keypad phones with dual sim feature. This keypad mobile phone has a 1.8-inch display, also it can store up to 1000 contacts.

infocus keypad phone
  • Dual Sim Mobile Phone.
  • LED Torch.
  • Supports 22 languages.
  • Fake Currency Detector.
  • Small Screen.
best keypad mobile phone in india

9. Nokia 216 (Black)

Nokia is known for its evergreen stylish keypad phone model. Nokia 216 comes with a 0.3 MP camera. This model comes with a 1020 mah battery and also supports dual sim. A one can enjoy internet feature on this phone.

Nokia 216 keypad phone
  • Store Up to 2000 contacts.
  • 3 Variants.
  • LED Flash.
  • Simple design.
  • Internal Storage issue.
best keypad
Our Expert Advice
Keypad mobile phones are the best and most durable product in the market. You can buy any mobile phone from the above list, we made this list exclusively for you and you will love all the models mentioned.

Buying Guide for The Best Keypad Phone Under 2000

When you are going to buy anything, like everyone you also do proper research about a product you want to purchase. In the case of mobile phones, there are some important points that took into the mind before selecting any model. The best keypad phone has some basic features like screen size, design, battery backup, memory, brand, etc.


Price plays a vital role before buying any product for you. When you go shopping or if you visit any website there is a specific price filter section by which you can set your range and select any model within the range.  We have listed here the best mobile phone in 2000.


The brand is the second most important thing to choose from. brands provide you assurance of warranty and provide you supports if any issue arises. If you buy some random brand then it is very difficult to find a service center of those brands.


Screen size is very important to each customer. Everyone has their own choices. The display should be clear. Memory The storage capacity of a model helps you to store data, photos, music, documents, etc.


The latest technology processor is a must when you are picking any handset.

Battery Life

Battery capacity Some users buy keypad phones because of long battery life. A battery life helps you in any emergency because the smartphone battery got drained in one day. So when you are going to buy any phone you have to check Battery Mah. If battery mah is high then it means long battery life.


Durability is the main concern before buying any product. everyone wants that every penny should be optimum utilize. For this purpose, we have to go with long durable products. we have to perform the water-resistant test of the product.


The camera function is main for capturing memories. So buy a phone that has a higher megapixel camera. High Maga pixel means a better quality picture.


The weight and size of the best keypad phone should be ideal. The ideal weight of keypad phone is 200-250 gms and the size of the phone is 1-2 inches.

Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Which is Keypad Mobile is best in the Indian Market?
If I am going to buy a feature phone for a secondary purpose then I will buy a solid phone like Samsung Guru. and on their hand, if I am looking for calling purpose and internet use I will go for reliance Jio
Which keypad mobile phone has a long-lasting battery life?
Micromax X930 comes with a long-lasting 3000 mah battery life. Reliance Jio features a mobile phone that comes with a 2000mAh battery life.
Which is the best Nokia mobile phone in the keypad series?
Nokia has many mobile phones but Nokia 216 performs very well in the market.
Which is the best mobile phone in the 4g keypad series?
In 4g keypad mobile in India, Reliance Jio is the best.
Which is the best Samsung mobile phone in the keypad series?
Like Nokia keypad phones, Samsung is also a star performer and Samsung guru is a great phone in their keypad series.
Final Words :
Mobile Phones are basic needs in the present world. These phones are popular because of easy to use, privacy concerns, secondary options, etc. People like uneducated, retired employees, and everyone who is not aware to use smartphones mostly used features phones. If you need to have the best keypad phone in India, you can simply choose from our picks. Hope you all liked our article on “

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