best air purifier in india

8 Best Air Purifier in India – 2019 Complete Guide

Air Purifier becomes one of the most important home appliances. It becomes the need of every house in today’s world because of Air Pollution. Air Pollution is directly responsible for thousands of premature deaths. In India, it is a very major problem in areas of Delhi NCR. There is a lot of suffocation and suffering due to pollution. Outdoor activities are nothing. Indoors is the only option left. You need the best air purifier in the room to increase life span.

Best Air Purifier

An Air purifier is a device that cleans the air. It has several filters and fans inside. Its filters work to clean the air quality. Air purifiers providing a clean air environment. It is impossible to get good quality air in some cities. In such cities, air purifiers are the only option to survive. These devices are beneficial especially for people suffering from Asthma and other allergies. These can be set up both in offices and homes. The only thing we have to keep in mind that we have to purchase the best air purifier. You can also check our previous article on “Top 10 Best Room Heater In India – Complete Guide

Steps to Choose Best Air Purifiers

Selecting a good air purifier is a very difficult task. A one has to check all features before buying a good air purifier. There are different air purifiers are available in the market. We choose the best air purifier according to their price, features, and technology used. It may not be very pocket-friendly but it will be worth to have a good air purifier. Some Points to be considered before buying an air purifier.

  1. Best HEPA filter needed.
  2. Very high-quality air volume change per hour is a must.
  3. A good Filter life with warranties.
  4. Air filter replacement cost should be minimum.

Best Air Purifier in India in 2019

Here, We are listing the 8 Best Air purifiers India. We selected these all air filters on the basis of their quality, specs, and above-mentioned requirements.​

1. MI AIR PURIFIER 2S [Budget 10,000 INR]

The list of best air purifiers in India begins with Mi Air Purifier 2S. Mi Air Purifier 2S is one of the best and the most popular air purifier. This air filter is user budget-friendly and also has an OLED display on it. The OLED display shows its high quality by automatically adjust features like brightness.

best air purifier in india

It has a Laser Sensor that detects all air impurities and gives you fresh and clean air. Mi air purifier is suitable for all middle-class families. This is the thing which you might be looking for.

  • Budget Friendly & Smart Control.

  • Multi layer filtration [3 Layers].

  • Remove PM2.5 and Ensure quality air.

  • Three Modes Auto,Favorite and Sleep

  • Only Suitable for Small Rooms.

  • Air Filter Life is Shortgtrhrh

best air purifier in india

2. PHILIPS SERIES 1000 AIR PURIFIER AC1215/20 [Budget 10,000 INR]

This air purifier is an excellent product that pure 99.9% air pollution caused by smoke and other harmful gases.

best air purifier in india

The Aera Sense technology used in the purifier helps in reducing the PM2.5 level. This air purifier conducts a real-time check in the air.

  • Excellent Air Quality

  • Trusted Brand in Market

  • Amazing Design

  • Customer Complaints on Real Time PM2.5 Indicator.
best air purifier in india

3. ATLANTA HEALTHCARE BETA 350 [Budget 10,000 INR]

Atlanta Healthcare Beta Introduced the best air purifier. This air purifier provides the customer with a 7 stage filtration process for good quality air.

best air purifier in india

They launched new air purifying technology. The technology used in this air purifier is called the iCluster. iCluster helps to remove all harm air gases. It enables the customer to smart functions in the air purification process.

  • New iCluster technology used.

  • Auto Timer from 1-12 hours

  • Very Low Noise

  • Suitable for Less Space Rooms

  • Monitor and change speed Automatically

  • Filter change indicator

  • Low CADR
best air purifier in india


Airspa builds with all new technology. It includes HEPA filter, Negative ionizer, UV light, Carbon filter, pre-filter, and anti-microbial filter. You can operate it manually or even remote control options.

best air purifier in india
  • Power Saver.
  • Its 6-unique filter provide better air quality
  • It can’t controlled trough smartphone.
best air purifier in india


As you all know that Philips is the most trusted electronic appliances brand in India. Philips is performing well in the air purifier field also. This air purifier comes in 3 modes which enable you to experience good quality air.

best air purifier

The Aera Sense technology used in the purifier helps in reducing the PM2.5 level. This air purifier helps to conduct a real-time check on indoor air quality. It consists of main functions like Activated Carbon Filter (Nano Protect), Vita Shield IPS technology and absolutely HEPA Filter.

  • Trusted Brand in Market

  • Amazing Design

  • Easy Installation Provided.

  • Modern Air Purifier function provided.

  • Display issue.

  • Filter should be change on regular intervals.

best air purifier in india


Again we added Philiips 3000 series Air purifier in our list. Philips 3000 series AC3256/20 60-Watts air purifier gives you professional air quality. Philips air purifier detects real-time PM2.5 in the air.

best air purifier in india

It has also a Humidifying feature. Its Humidifying function increases humidity lever in the air up to 60 percent. Humidifying helps you to protect from allergies. It consists of main functions like Activated Carbon Filter (Nano Protect), Vita Shield IPS technology and absolutely HEPA Filter.

  • It is portable air purifier

  • AeraSense helps to  function it automatically.

  • Filter replacement indicator.

  • Super silence product

  • Coverage is less

  • Remote control feature is missing.

best air purifier in india

7. Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt

Honeywell Brand is mainly known for its air purifiers. They have the least cost and very effective air purifiers. The touch air purifier ensures optimum air circulation in the room. Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt air purifier is well design product.

best air purifier

It consists of Pre Filter, HEPA, and Hisiv Filters to avoid air pollution. All filtration process is done very smoothly by these multi-layer filters. It has CADR of 300 m3/hr which is good for a single ideal size room. It enables better air in each and every corner of the room. The main advantage of Honeywell is that it has a long filter life and lower power consumption.

  • Air Filter life is very high

  • Ideal room purified within 10 minutes

  • Energy Saver

  • Noises Issue

  • After Sale Service Issue

best air purifier in india


Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Link is the most expensive air purifier. It comes with exclusive design. It has Air Multiplier™ technology which gives the best quality air by removing all harm air elements.

best air purifier

It has an air quality level real-time detection feature. It has a new LCD which enables you to see that what’s going on with air.

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled.

  • LCD Display Feature

  • Sleep timer,Night mode,

  • 10 speed settings, Auto mode,

  • 350 degrees oscillation

  • It can be a bit expensive to some people
best air purifier in india

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UV Filter?

UV rays are commonly used in air purifiers. UV rays play an important role to destroy bacteria in the air. UV rays are not much effective to destroy small dust in the air.

Carbon Filter?

Activated Carbon filters or layers of active carbon are very porous and highly absorbent. The filter absorbs the contaminants to provide a cleaner environment at home.

Ionic Purification?

In this technique, Ionic technique electromagnetism is used to provide a good air.

Ozone Purification?

Ozone air purification technology used in commercial use. Ozone prevents UV rays in air. Ozone is very much effective for allergic patients.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)?

CADR rating helps to know how efficient an air purifier works. If the CADR number is high then it will clean high-quality air per hour.

ACH (Air Change per Hour)?

The ACH rating measure fresh air cleaned by air purifier per hour. If ACH is higher, the more efficient is an air purifier.

CFM (cubic feet per minute)?

CFM ensures the work efficiency of an air purifier. 150 CFM remove 150 Cubic feet per hour. (100 cubic foot = 2.83 m3)

HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter is the most important filter. This filter present inside the chassis of an air purifier. It and play an important role in the air purification process. HEPA filter includes fiberglass and diameters. Its fiberglass prevents harmful air caused by smoking, tobacco, dust, bacteria, etc. 

Everyone should have best air purifier in home.It has become necessary to having a very clean air. Air purifiers are very effective.If you install best air purifier then it would let you breathe 100% Pure Air. Hope all readers like our article on “8 Best air purifier in India – 2019 Buying Guide”

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